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There have been volumes of books written, countless financial seminars conducted and endless business opportunities all promoting fast, easy steps to riches. YOUnique is different; but, of course, the question is what makes it so special.

The YOUnique business model has been developed from the „secret‟ Wealth Principles of the generationally wealthy.

Who are the generationally wealthy?

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They are a rare breed of financially empowered individuals. Comprised of no more than 3% of the total population, they are not your average rich guy. Rather, they are an elite minority with specific and rare traits. They are the silent ones who have perfected the art of not just creating wealth, but, more importantly, preserving their wealth regardless of the prevailing economic or financial cycle.

By employing a set of simple but often overlooked principles, their wealth has remained and grown within their family for multiple generations regardless of good times or bad including booms, busts, recessions, wars and holocaust.

Younique Wealth Our Wealth Sense program is part of the YOUnique Wealth Plan product. Wealth Sense™ has the single objective of unlocking for everyone the Secret Wealth Principles of the financial elite.

YOUnique distributes a range of wealth study materials and related products which include books, DVDs, study courses and collectable metals medallions. The company manufactures its products primarily in Europe and distributes worldwide.

YOUnique utilizes its distribution base in the distribution of its products and is currently supporting delivery into over sixty countries.

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