Wealth Sense

“Within each man and woman lies the most powerful Wealth Creation tool on the planet, yet for most this incredible wealth builder rests dormant and undiscovered.

It has been said that more gold has been taken from the mind of men than ever mined from the crust of the earth.”

wealth sense

Welcome to Wealth Sense, the program that has been designed to awaken your gold mind and unlock for you the mysteries of true lasting wealth.

Wealth Sense is the cornerstone of YOUnique’s Wealth Plan for Every Man and is designed to help all people everywhere achieve real and lasting wealth regardless of their origin, background, training, education, occupation, or past failures or successes.

As part of the program you will be receiving a monthly volume of Wealth Sense which consists of a streaming Knowledge Video program and its accompanying Knowledge Book. The Knowledge Book is designed to capture the key ingredients of the Knowledge Video by reaffirming the spoken/visual word, while at the same time prompting the user to interpret and complete some sections.

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