Wealth Creation Concepts

wealth creation concepts

Regardless of what level we are starting at, the principles and processes for creating wealth remain the same for all of us no matter where we are now or where we have come from. In today's world, for even the most sophisticated to CREATE and PRESERVE wealth is vastly more difficult than it was just a few short years ago.

• First, the path to wealth creation is perplexing with confusing deviations and uncertain signs.

• Then, the obstacles and barriers along the way are greater in their number.

• Third, the unseen burdens and pitfalls are greater in their complexity.

• And finally, once some success is gained, those waiting to steal it are far more vicious and deceitful than before.

Wealth creation is not so much about having the capital to invest, the timing of trades, technical and cyclical trends, market sectors or fundamentals or any of these other distractions. Rather, getting started in wealth creation is ALL about first building a solid foundation of wisdom, knowledge and history. The three - wisdom, knowledge and history - are very much intertwined.

Wealth creation concepts

History is important to all things whether we are looking at our family, nations or culture, as well as the companies we are involved with. This is why YOUnique feels so strongly about educating and informing you as an IBO.

Wisdom comes from knowledge, and knowledge flows from the correct dissemination of accurate information. Good information is fundamentally important in our path to understanding, knowledge and eventually wisdom.

Gold and Silver lay at the base of what YOUnique provides. Precious metals ownership underpins the financial structuring we recommend to our IBOs. Information on this topic is extremely important to the core of our company's service.

We provide the YOUnique Weekly, the Knowledge Book and video, special events such as the Success Puzzle Training along with continued development of new products to increase your wisdom, knowledge and history so that you may build a solid wealth foundation.

Best Wishes in Wealth,

Philip Judge

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