Three People Groups

As always, I ask the people I meet with a list of simple questions: What is it you want to achieve economically in your lifetime? What is it you want to achieve economically that will last beyond your lifetime? Do you have a clear strategy and plan in place to achieve the above objectives? Are you a committed and regular saver? Have you mastered your time expenditure-to-income ratio? Have you developed diversified income streams? What is your current net assets-to-net debt ratio? Have you applied true diversification principles to your assets?

By asking these questions of countless people from every continent on the globe spanning well over a decade, and then by analyzing my results, I came to the conclusion many years ago that there are three basic people groups. My observations left me with some sobering and even grave implications.

Very few people fall into the first group. It is staggering to me that only 3% possess the mental equipping, practical experience, capital resources, or time and goals to be classified as wealthy. They have the ability and time to achieve their very specific, long-term financial objectives and impact the world in a positive manner.

Three People Groups

The next group is approximately 12%. They may have some of the pieces required to be wealthy, but are lacking in others. They may be hard working, intelligent and possess the ambition and right outlook, but they are often missing the financial capacity, ideas, time or business opportunities to become truly wealthy. Other times they are simply without specific goals or dreams. While they have some aspects of wealth, they are not truly financially free and are therefore controlled to some degree by other external factors or people.

Alarmingly and tragically most people fall into the final group. Eighty five percent of all people lack any of the pieces required to ever become wealthy or financially free and independent. They lack any of the mindset, thinking, knowledge, experience, opportunity or backing to ever become wealthy. The outward signs are seen in that they are deeply indebted, rely on only a single source of income, lack cash flow, own the wrong types of assets and have little or no available time. At best they only have some distant, vague idea of someday making money but have never taken the time to develop defined goals, financial objectives or a life purpose.

By knowing the Three People Groups, we are better able to evaluate our own position and understand the people around us each day. The mission and purpose of YOUnique and its business model is to move people from the 85% group into the 3% group.

Best Wishes in Wealth,

Philip Judge

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