Stories from the Desk of the Bullion Banker

Stories from the Desk of the Bullion Banker

Stories from the Desk of the Bullion Banker

The Product of Philip Judge's unusual Story

When asked to describe himself, the author uses one word: PURPOSE!

"To be successful in life and business, we must become Purpose-Driven People" says Philip Judge. "Discovering and defining our life's purpose is a vitally important, individual and deeply personal journey that may take us many years, if not our entire lifetime," he adds. Philip sites the quantum difference between his second-rate school years and his later business success as being the direct result of discovering and defining his life purpose.

After establishing a highly successful company in the media services industry, Philip began to switch his attention to a somewhat different concern which by the mid-90's had become his full time preoccupation and concern. "This was an unusual trade shrouded in mystery but steeped in thousands of years of history. It was a business that was unheard of by the average man on the street, misunderstood by my associates, mistrusted by lawyers, bankers and accountants and to which entry was refused by its insiders and professionals," recalls Philip. His 1990's Barbarian Enterprise is today positioned as the world's leading private gold and silver custodial and banking company.

Despite his business success, Philip was left with a deep sense of frustration, and so the global brand YOUnique was birthed; what Philip likes to describe as a "Purpose-Driven Company".

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