Philip Judge

Philip Judge

Philip may well be one of the last of a classic breed. In today’s business world dominated mostly by degreed suits, this globally-thinking man has successfully lived out the ‘High School Dropout Makes Success’ story. “But is achievement measured in one success or several?” one may be inclined to ask.

President and Founder of Younique Wealth

• 1991 Co-Founded Anglo Far East Bullion company

• Private bullion banker for two decades

• 1998 wrote and produced MILLENNIUM MONEY - a documentary that won a FIRST place GOLD Award at the US film festival

• 2003 established Anglo Energy Company

• 2006 an idea was birthed to place Gold the money of
Kings & Wealth to hands of ordinary people

When asked to describe himself from the average high school dropout, he uses one word; Purpose. “To be successful in life and business we must become Purpose Driven People,” says Philip. “Discovering and defining our life purpose is a vitally important, individual and deeply personal journey that may take us many years, if not our entire lifetime,” he adds. In fact so important is this point that Philip sites the quantum difference between his second-rate school years and his later business successes as being the direct result of discovering and defining his Life Purpose. It is purpose that has underpinned every business start-up Philip has been involved in.

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