What is Inflation?

Most of us think of inflation as rising prices, but that’s not quite right. Inflation is not caused by rising prices. Rising prices are a symptom of inflation. Inflation is caused by the presence of too much money in relation to goods and services.

What we experience are things going up in price, but in fact, inflation is really the value of your money going down simply because there’s too much of it around. Inflation is, everywhere and always, a monetary phenomenon.

Inflation distorts the economy, it brings great harm to the public and it encourages speculation and mindless risk-taking. In fact, inflation acts as a poison for all savers. It makes saving for the current working generations practically nonsense. And thanks to inflation, most senior citizens no longer able to earn more money in order to maintain their standard of living, are unable to enjoy the fruits of their past labor.

Money is supposed to be a store of value, however due to central bank-sponsored inflation, it can no longer fulfill this critical role. Unfortunately, nobody questions the inexplicable loss of the purchasing power of their savings, thus, central banks get away with this "financial crime". No currency on the planet is any longer a storehouse of value.

Inflation is a hidden tax, an insidious crime against the public. It is the easiest way for any government to confiscate the savings of the public and for generations, wealth has been transferred in this manner.

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