Why is GoldMoney Convenient

You always have 24/7 online access to your Holding at GoldMoney

You can easily sign up for a GoldMoney Holding online. It takes only about 10-15 minutes and customers who live in Canada, the USA, UK and 26 other "fast-tracked" countries can complete the entire process online, with no paperwork to complete before you can begin buying gold, silver and platinum.

Adjust your gold, silver and platinum holdings by converting all or a portion of your gold into silver or vice versa with our online metal-to-metal exchanges. GoldMoney also provides foreign exchange capabilities allowing you to convert your cash balances between any of the national currencies accepted in our bank accounts (please note that German and US-resident customers are not able to engage in currency-to-currency exchanges).

GoldMoney makes physical delivery easy

Whether you want to take delivery of a 400oz gold bar or smaller denominations, GoldMoney makes it easy for you to redeem your goldgrams in GoldMoney into physical gold bullion.

GoldMoney's patented payment system adds value to your precious metals

Your investment portfolio may already include significant holdings in precious metal exchange traded funds (ETFs), mining stocks, or even precious metals stored personally in a vault. In the event of a financial emergency, how will you quickly convert "paper gold" into currency, make payments with bullion not in your physical possession or easily convert a bullion bar so that it can be conveniently used as currency?

GoldMoney has established a patented currency, goldgrams® (1 goldgram = 1 gram of gold), to give customers the ability to make gold payments to each other electronically. Thus, although our customers can send and receive funds to their GoldMoney Holding via traditional financial institutions, such as banks and brokerage companies, GoldMoney's utility is not entirely dependent upon the network of such institutions (please note, that this service is not available to German resident customers).

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