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Debt Binds People and Destroys Creative Initiative!

I just consulted with my research team regarding the liabilities or debt of the issuer of the world‟s reserve currency (the United States of America) and asked for the total unfunded liabilities/debt of the country. The answer came back at over a staggering US$100 Trillion dollars. That's Trillion with a T.

What most don't realize is that debt is purely a symptom, not a cause. In simple terms, the cause is inflation. Inflation being the increase of money supply into the global system.

Please note here that over 70% of US dollars are outside of the USA within foreign banks. Consider this for a moment - when money supply is put into the system, how do our financial engineers get that money to everybody? Answer: They lower interest rates, make borrowing extremely easy, and seduce everyone into debt with easy credit financing.

This is exactly what has happened over the last few decades until recently. Now think again; in the English-speaking world we call „borrowing money‟ as „getting financed.‟ This is an interesting word when you look at its core meaning and origin. The word „finance‟ comes from the French/Latin term "Finare" meaning fine or penalty. Therefore, financing can be a penalty if not kept in check and managed very carefully.

In today‟s world we have become desensitized to particular terms and their true meanings as pointed out above. So here's another thing to think on and consider when you hear the words Trillion Dollars. Chuck Missler made this comparison many years ago, and it has stuck in my mind ever since. How about comparing dollars with time as seconds? One million seconds equate to approximately 11.5 days; one billion seconds equate to 32 years; and one trillion seconds equate to 32,000 years!

Two questions for you to ponder:

1) Can the debt ever be paid back?

2) Was paying the debt back ever an objective from the beginning?

Until next time,

Simon Heapes

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