Sir Winston Churchill once said, “All people during their lifetime stumble across the truth; however, most simply pick themselves up and carry on as if they had never ever stumbled across it in the first place!”

Gold - did you know?

Change Makes Some People Uncomfortable, It Makes Other People Wealthy

Why do we see the negativity about Gold and so many other commodities? Why do we see all of this negativity about the growth of India, China, Latin America, Asia and many other emerging economies?

We see negativity because change is hard for many people to accept. Change is not comfortable and is often heralded by wrenching upheaval in people's lives. Yet change is inevitable; it's one of the constants of the universe which ironicallydoesn't change. In nature we find similar cyclical changes as well such as the changing of the seasons. A mountaineer living in the mountains during summer time would collect and store up wood forthe coming winter. When the season changes and the icy cold snowy winter hits, he has plenty of dry wood to burn inside his log cabin to keep him nice and warm. This seems like common sense,yet in today's world from an economic sense, we find many who have not prepared for economic change.

Around 3,000 BC one of history's Generationally Wealthy was the tenth son of King David and second son of Bathsheba. He gave council about such things, pointing toward a small creature as he wrote these words:

"Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, which, having no captain, overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest."

His wisdom is still with us today. King Solomon did not use the great mighty king of the jungle such as the Lion or the great souring king of the skies as in the Eagle. He used a simple little insect known to as an Ant for all of us to learn from.

Both Philip and I are a bit iconoclastic (breakers or destroyers of the current images). We like to point out change contrary to what the crowd may want to hear or not. Most people are more conforming in their outlook, and they do not like to entertain too much deviation from the status quo.

Today the world is changing more and faster than ever in recorded history. This is due to technological, economic and social change which has led to political change. Clearly this is not comfortable for most people. When people are not comfortable, they scoff or mock the changes; they deride the agents of change and the alternate choices which benefit from the change.


The precious metals market is still in its early stages. Because of this, we need to be realistic with our time frame on when or how rapidly to expect returns for our efforts. We must avoid feeling it's not happening quick enough. A snowball needs to be pushed downhill before it starts to gather enough momentum to roll by itself.

When change begins to come, especially on a global scale, there are three broad phases:

1. The prudent smart money begins to enter when no one else can see into the futuristic changes which are coming. These people are the prophetic type quickly joined or followed by the barbaric type of thinkers. These people are prepared to act upon what they believe. They can see; they are not part of the crowd. Thinking point - The minority are the instigators in change. The crowd never instigates; they only ever confirm what the minority first instigated!

2. Next comes the institutional money - large corporations such as banks, insurance companies, investment fund companies, etc. Also from here emerges companies which began in phase one and have now grown much bigger. These companies are now establishing systems to gather, collect and market into the mainstream crowd.

3. Finally enters the confirmed establishment phase. This is when everyone is speaking about the sector, the Joe Citizens or the Mum's and Dad's phase it's sometimes called. This sector is the greatest time of reward for those who began and did not bail out in phase one or two.


It's happened repeatedly before. Here's an example of a market sector you should all be familiar with from the past:

In 1982 the smart money was buying into a very infant sector of technology companies when no one else was looking for pennies in the dollar. Then the large institutions began to enter approximately between the years of 1989 and 1991 still unbeknown to most. In 1995 the mainstream crowd, or the Mums and Dads, began to enter the tech stock arena driving the price of this sector to the moon.

In the tech sector the mainstream public did not realize for almost thirteen years what was bubbling under the surface getting ready to explode. By the time most realized, it was well underway, and only the companies which were preestablished reaped the rewards for already being positioned.

It is no different with the current Precious Metals market we find ourselves in today. The mainstream still have not entered; however, it is bubbling away just under the surface ready to explode when the timing is correct for the mainstream crowd and not before. Just take a realistic look around you. Are friends and colleagues speaking about Gold in the same way that people were speaking about the tech sectors in the 1990s? For another example, what about the real estate markets? Only those pre-positioned will reap the rewards from this.


Those who bailed out in phase one or phase two will never really know what would have been from their efforts before falling away. However, those who stayed the course and rested in the journey reaped a multiplied return from the efforts of the seeds already sown by those who were not around anymore. - IBO Thinking point here.


As I have mentioned in previous issues, I spent my early childhood growing up on a farm in Australia which grew grain crops. I remember saying to my father, “Is it possible to have the crops to grow in half the time by putting more fertilizer on them after the doses you have already used?” He said, "You can improve their quality only, but they don't produce until its due season. No extra fertilizer will change that.”

But he warned, “It's also very risky, because you can damage the crop.” Then thinking away, I said, "What about grow lights and hydroponics, etc." as I looked for solutions in my mind. My father laughed and said, "Yes, that's all possible, and there are also other alternatives as well. But let's be real - you would have to change the environment we have the crops in now, you would have to move acres of land into a different place, and this is unrealistic given the current environment you see before you," as we looked across the fields.

He continued, "You have to take note of the environment around you to get a perspective that is realistic. If you have this in perspective, then you don't put stress unnecessarily on things or others around you." With a serious look on his face, he added, "I have to take control of myself emotionally and realize it's a journey that will take what it will take regardless."

He concluded with, "A lot of guys don't have the stomach to be farmers because of the time frames and the environment they find themselves in. They end up falling away. Some just don't get it; you see them come and you see them go."

Being in business adheres to almost identical situations. We need to be realistic given the environment we are in when it comes to time frames on expected returns or results.


When you have made your decision, whatever it is, stay in or stay out. It's the getting in or out that destroys your potential for large profits and success. If you consider the statistics for a professional trader and a professional gambler, you will find they are about the same over a lifetime. What most don't realize is that they both end up with a break-even status as professionals of their respective crafts. Now bear in mind I am referring to a lifetime perspective here, not a freeze frame shot of a particular time period to view gains or losses.

When I look around me, I don't see people fail because of wrong decisions. I see them fail because they simply won't make a decision. If you are correct just a little over half the time, you are moving forward. However, if you don't make a decision, you are actually going backwards towards failure even if it doesn't look like it in the short term. Please don't be mistaken here. I am not saying a quick decision, for I believe a quick non-researched or quick not-thought-out decision can be devastating as well, especially when it comes to the financial realm. I believe in the power of waiting and timing things correctly. You see, making the choice to wait is also a decision in certain circumstances. When you know after research and experience, however, the decision needs to be made.

As successful IBOs in the Precious Metals business, we can expect more resistance, along with the increased prices for precious metals, which will make this sector even more attractive to the mainstream. Those who don't accept change and want to ignore what is going on can ridicule your business choices, but only you can enjoy the increased wealth that you make from those choices.

Understanding the truth when it comes to realistic time frames is a great benefit to all of us.


• Be realistic with time frames regarding return on investment

• Rest in the journey; there is no retirement, just the journey

• If you eliminate time from your problems, do you have a problem anymore?

• Be professional - control your emotions or they will cause you to be premature in your decisions. Believe me it will come back on you later.

Until next time,

Simon Heapes

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