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Westin Prince Hotel

Toronto, Canada

October 1th to 6th 2012

Just a few seats remain for this elite event with Bob Proctor.

For the first time in the history of the Bob Proctor Matrixx, Bob is offering you an “Exponential Business” gift!

As an added plus - have lunch and spend afternoon with Bob Proctor at Bob's home!

We know you’re ready to take your business (or your business dream) to exponential levels. In order to do so, you need the correct mindset, the correct contacts, the correct mentoring, the correct networking, and the correct masterminding. But you also require the support from someone closest to you as you make this business push … whether it’s a spouse, a business partner, a business associate or a valued peer.

It’s why – for this event ONLY, your Matrixx registration includes an additional person of your choice. AND, because the Matrixx is being hosted in Toronto, you’ll also enjoy lunch and afternoon in a more relaxed environment with Bob Proctor and your Matrixx associates at his own home. Complete the Find Out More box on this page to get started.

As part of the Bob Proctor Matrixx, we also know you deserve to be surrounded by luxury. It’s how you deserve to live! It’s why we’ve chosen to host the Bob Proctor Matrixx business-building event at the world-class Sheraton Parkway Resort in Richmond Hills.

Just outside of downtown Toronto, the Sheraton Parkway Resort offers every amenity you need to relax, have discussions about your business-building goals with Bob Proctor, build your mastermind networks, and really think in a peaceful, restful place as you put your strategies and resources together.

As soon as you register for the Matrixx, you’ll receive more information on the Plaza’s specially-priced rooms, suites and cabanas. Get started by completing the Find Out More box on this page.

Complete this form to receive a special 22-minute audio MP3 from Bob Proctor on “The Art of Decision” and to learn more about The Bob Proctor Matrixx!

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