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Dec 29, 2014

Self Employed

When I think of Financial Freedom, I think of income rather than debts. For me, financial freedom is being able to make your own money, on your own terms

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Jun 17, 2012

How to Buy Gold and Silver Online?

Jun 17, 2012

12 Reasons Why Gold Prices are Destined to Explode

Jun 04, 2012

Gold Prices Today and in the Next Decade - 12 Reasons Why Prices Will Continue to Go Up

May 08, 2012

7 Alternative Investment Ideas

May 06, 2012

How to Invest in Rare Earth Metals?

May 06, 2012

Starting a business from home

Starting a Business from Home

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Apr 30, 2012

Survival Prepping & Physical Silver - Chris Duane [Part Two]

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Apr 30, 2012

The White Knights Coming to Save Us Are Us, Not Ninjas - Chris Duane [Part One]

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Apr 24, 2012

Unconventional Wisdom from 'Ranting' Andy Hoffman - Achilles Heel of Gold Cartel is Physical Metal

Apr 10, 2012

Silver Circle - Official Trailer

Mar 08, 2012

Friends of Liechtenstein

Mar 02, 2012

Are You A Lauren or Diane?

Mar 02, 2012

The Power of Words

Feb 26, 2012

Jim Rogers: This Currency Could Triple

“But I own the euro, I own the U.S. dollar. I own various currencies hoping to get through all this, but someday, none of us are going to own paper money at all.”

“I own the renminbi. Every time I can, I buy more renminbi,” he said. “I expect the renminbi to double or triple in the next decade or two.”

- Jim Rogers

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Feb 22, 2012

Central Banks buying gold - where is the Faith?

What would you think if you owned shares in a company and observed the Executive Management of that company were rallying up profit projections in the media but at the same time they were silently liquidating ALL shares?

What would you think if you worked for General Motors and one day you see all the Management Team switching their company cars to Toyota's?

Assuming that the Executive Management Team has knowledge available to them that is not available to the workers or consumers what would you do?

Would you continue to do what the masses do, turn a blind eye or would you act and do what the Executive Team were doing?

This scenario is happening right now in respect to your dollars!

A February 2012 report by the World Gold Council titled "Gold Demand Trends" claims that Central banks continued the trend established in 2010 of being net buyers of gold.

"Purchases by central banks soared from 77.0t to 439.7t. This reflects the need to diversify assets, reduce reliance on one or two foreign currencies, rebalance reserves and ultimately protect national wealth ...

There are few who predicted that 2011 would see net official Sector Buying to the tune of 439.7t.

This figure, the highest since 1964, is largely the result of merging markets Central Banks seeking to diversify their foreign exchange holdings.

With the two dominant reserve currencies beset with issues, interest in gold as one currency free from the impact of Government policy and intervention, has been spurred.

The trend in Central Bank buying is expected to continue ..."

Through the Central Banks actions of re-balancing their foreign US$ and Euro reserves to gold they have declared to us where their true faith lies.

Where is your faith?

Will you decide to continue to do what the masses do or do what the Central Banks are doing and diversify your paper currencies into gold.

The younique Nest Egg Savings Plan offers "everyone" the ability to do what the Central Banks.

Remember, We don't invest in Gold we Save in Gold!

"Together we are Building a New Generation of Wealth"

To Your Success!

younique Gold Tribe

Feb 15, 2012

How to invest Your Money - when money dies

Feb 12, 2012

Mike Maloney - Up close and Personal

Feb 09, 2012

Value of a Minute

Feb 07, 2012

Investing Successfully in the Resource Industry

Feb 05, 2012

SBSS 9. Gold is the Gut Reaction, Silver is the Smart Decision

Feb 05, 2012

Bob Proctor about Mentors and MSI (Multiple Sources of Income)

Feb 05, 2012

Invest in gold to build your financial fortress

Invest in gold to build your financial fortress

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Feb 04, 2012

How to have a website and create your own online business

How to have a website

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Feb 02, 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: $500 SILVER & Hyperinflation

Feb 01, 2012

Gold & Silver Represent Freedom and Independence - Mike Maloney

Jan 30, 2012

Beyond SOPA: The Past, Present and Future of Internet Censorship

Jan 30, 2012

Harry Dent How to Prosper During the Global Meltdown

Jan 12, 2012

Robert Kiyosaki- The New Rule Of Money for 2011 and Beyond

Jan 03, 2012

Bob Proctor Matrixx 2012

Jan 02, 2012

Gold in 2012

We all understand that the future is unknowable. Events yet to come cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, the outlook for 2012 is probably set in stone, and the reason is simple. The financial crisis imperiling the globe for the past several years has not been solved. Until it is, we can expect more of the same – specifically, serial bailouts of governments and banks that, if not already insolvent are bordering on insolvency. It is a distressing prospect.

Read on a commentary by James Turk ...

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Jan 02, 2012

Become An InterNETwork Marketing Success

As you read these very words, a wealth of new strategies are being elaborated by the next generation of Network Marketers, hundreds and hundreds of cutting edge online MLMers. We call them...InterNETwork Marketers

Leave the old-school offline track record of failure behind. In the offline MLM world, you'd spend thousands of dollars for training and coaching that simply do not work.

It is not too late for you to join these pioneers. Read on on the link below ...

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Dec 20, 2011

how to earn quick money

How to earn quick money

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Dec 11, 2011

THRIVE Theme Song Video

Dec 11, 2011

Financial Leadership

Financial Leadership

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Dec 11, 2011

Law of Access

Law of Access

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Dec 11, 2011

If Silver Goes Down All Hell Will Break Loose In The Physical Market: Silver Investment Update

Dec 05, 2011

The Fear Index continues its relentless rise

October was in the end a flat month for the price of gold, which oscillated between its major resistance level above $1,800 per troy ounce and strong support around $1,650. Nevertheless the Fear Index rose this month to 3.16% because of the small monthly increase in the gold price, while US M3 was almost flat.

Since the end of QE2, M3 has remained close to 14.5 trillion dollars. The absence of M3 growth is certainly not due to any restraint by the Federal Reserve (M1 and M2 have been growing). Rather, it is a result of credit destruction (M3 includes large time deposits, institutional money market funds and other large liquid assets, which reportedly are not growing).

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Dec 02, 2011

Chris Martenson on gold, silver, platinum and palladium

Dec 01, 2011

Simon Black on the Kerry Lutz report

Nov 27, 2011

TEDxAcademy - Yanis Varoufakis - A Modest Proposal for Transforming Europe

Nov 20, 2011

investing for retirement

investing for retirement

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Nov 18, 2011

How are Silver Coins Minted?

Nov 14, 2011

Gerald Celente speaks about politics and morality

Nov 13, 2011

Doug Casey talks to James Turk

Nov 07, 2011


Nov 07, 2011


Nov 07, 2011


Oct 25, 2011