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How to understand the importance of buying gold bullion that is privately issued. When governments issue gold or silver coins, they actually remain the owners of those coins. Having them in your possession does not give you legal ownership - you are considered the "bearer". Bluntly put, you have permission to carry the coin around and use it for your benefit - but it is not yours.

Privately issued gold and silver collectibles are different. When you own them, they are yours. Thinking long-term about your financial security, and your family's future generations, this is a critical distinction.

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All YOUnique™ products are minted in the most elite, private GOLD & SILVER refinery and mint in all of Europe - Argor-Heraeus

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Gold is the bedrock asset in any portfolio. Buying gold bullion is an important way to preserve your purchasing power. It is a widely accepted investment principle that any serious investor should hold at least 10% of his portfolio in precious metals. Physical gold is a reliable and trustworthy asset, and is therefore an insurance against today’s monetary turmoil.

Gold is a material asset, its value does not depend on anyone’s actions, commitments, honesty or dedication. Unlike securities and fiat currencies, shares, futures, ETF etc., physical gold cannot be produced in unlimited volumes. By investing in gold, you invest in your own independence from anyone else’s commitments.

Gold prices change, but as a rule, only upwards. Review market graphs for the last decade and see for yourself - rise in gold prices has been directly replicated as a decrease in value of global currencies. In the past 10 years alone the value of gold has risen nearly 600%.

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