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1. Buying Gold Bullion Coins

For buying gold bullion coins is one of the largest gold and silver retailers who also provides investment advice and exit strategies for their customers. - Buy Gold & Silver

2. Privately Minted Gold Bullion Coins

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If you are interested in the privately minted gold coins, please consider Younique. To find our more about YOUnique™ privately minted gold products please CLICK HERE


3. Allocated Gold Account Solutions

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Investors seeking to own precious metals in a diversified location format or investors requiring a secure and transparent way to hold a portion of their precious metals allocation in a liquid format, may wish to utilize one or more of our various global Allocated Account Solutions.

4. Invest like a PRO through Fund Linked Insurance Policy

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Get access into exclusive investments funds and diversify your investments geografically.

Through a fund-linked life insurance policy you can now invest into wide selection of target investments ranging from physical Precious Metals, Managed Futures and other Alternative Investments.

All funds are registered in neutral jurisdiction of Liechtenstein and benefit from the free access to ALL investment classes, highest discretion of Lichtenstein Law, tax benefits and bankruptcy protection.

Private Gold and Silver Coins


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Younique's Gold is Clean Gold

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Investing in gold is a good option, especially when other investments seem shaky. But while it is relatively easy to start investing in gold, you do need to know certain facts before you get started – or your investments won’t be as effective as they could be. Choosing which investment to make is a personal decision, usually based on why you wish to invest in gold in the first place.

Gold Stocks, Gold Certificates and purchasing physical gold as an investment can be as simple as actually buying gold and storing it yourself, but it can also take a form of physical gold certificates or gold stocks. A gold certificate is a certificate of ownership proving that you own gold that is stored by someone else (a bank or a private storage company). Gold stocks or, more properly, gold exchange traded products are traded on stock exchanges, not like regular stocks. They are sometimes (but not always) backed by gold.

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