Bob Proctor Seminar

The best Bob Proctor seminar is The Bob Proctor Matrixx

Bob Proctor Seminar

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Here are what some of the Matrixx grads had to say about their experience at our May event:

Sierra Modro (USA)- The Matrixx is a life transforming event. Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, Susan Brady and the rest of the LifeSuccess team is 100% committed to helping you find your life's purpose and achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. The material presented is outstanding, but it is the energy and commitment to help you achieve concrete, practical results in your life that truly stands out. I was particularly impressed with the experts who are available to meet with you to lay practical plans for reaching your goals. I can not imagine a more productive or inspiring week long program. Spending time with like minded people from around the world is an experience every entrepreneur and business person should experience. The energy and teachings from Bob and his team, the connections to professionals with tools to assist us in our business, and the connections with like minded people, formed a solid foundation for me breaking through any and all terror barriers.

Nicolette Lesperance (Canada)- I can't begin to explain how I feel after six days of like minded people from all corners of the world coming together to build ideas and learn to define their goals and implement them. I am walking away with a business venture idea with someone from the Matrixx and I am already on my way to towards this goal. Thank you Bob Proctor and the Matrixx Team. The entire week spread inspiration, enthusiasm, joy, love, fun, and raising of our consciousness to much higher levels. The May Matrix group was truly phenomenal. There was not one person there who didn't gain from, give back, embrace and receive the rejuvenation of Bob's knowledge. It was a palpable and contagious force that we all could see, feel and draw upon, for personal and group betterment. It was an absolute thrill and pleasure being amidst the group creativity and intensity of our combined and expanded awareness that just kept building.

Judith Waker-Herron (Switzerland)- I spent last week in Toronto at Bob Proctor's Matrixx and its not going to be easy to put my experience in words. To say it was a life changing week is an understatement. I had so many 'oh now I get it' moments that I couldn't begin to recall them. I had intellectualized the material extremely well and was putting it into practice, but the exponential understanding I gained in such a short time left me on a 'high' from which I hope I never descend! Bob is an incredible speaker and teacher and there were of course opportunities to network and develop our goals and businesses which we did in every spare moment. (I am beginning to catch on sleep!) It was also fertile ground for a myriad of new ideas. I hope each and every one of you will attend this meeting of like thinking entrepreneurs. I can assure you that this Bob Proctor seminar will be an extraordinary experience.

Martin Cominotto (Australia) - I found this Bob Proctor Seminar - The Matrixx - to be the most amazing experience in personal growth and challenging my paradigms I have ever experienced. During the time I attended the Matrixx (at 3am in the morning on a couple of mornings) and since returning I have experienced challenges that previously would have dominated and overwhelmed me. Currently, due to changes within me from the Matrixx, I am valuing how these challenges are extending me and making me more aware of my goals, my values and my worthy ideals. I found Saturday afternoon at Bob' place a very powerful experience. I continue to look at familiar situations with 'new eyes' of acceptance, opportunity and prosperity.

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