Just what is the Bob Proctor Matrixx all about?

Bob Proctor Matrixx

… Imagine what 6 days with Bob Proctor would do!

• The Bob Proctor Matrixx is a full, 6-day business-building event with Bob Proctor, live and in person. This event only takes place in a world-renowned resort in Scottsdale, Arizona (U.S.A.), and is specifically limited to a smaller number of people from all points of Europe and North America so that he can work with you directly on your goals, business-building objectives, challenges and breakthroughs.

• The Matrixx is unquestioned access to one-on-one discussion and advice about your life and your business from the same consultants and advisors that Bob, himself, relies upon in his daily business as he continues to expand globally. Their same strategies, advice, shortcuts and know-how will
see you expanding your business borders as well.

• It’s connection with like-minded people from 25 countries who not only support and provide needed business-building resources to you, but also understand your expanded ways of thinking. To date, the Matrixx has welcomed wealth-minded people from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Estonia, Sweden, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S. …

• … It’s an elite global mastermind built to endure your lifetime!

• And it’s an online, time-eternal community of support, resources, joint ventures, business opportunities, discussion boards and ongoing coaching.

Our next Matrixx event is coming up soon

From October 1th to 6th 2012, this time in Toronto, Canada! Learn more and find The Matrixx!

Here are what some of the Matrixx grads had to say about their experience at our previous events. Please take a look HERE

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