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Today Philip has six successful start-ups to his name including active business interests and experience with over fifty nations spanning every continent.

He strongly believes that his unique accomplishments, covering 30 years of enterprising adventure are a direct result of discovering and defining his Life Purpose.

Philip may well be one of the last of a classic breed. In today’s business world dominated mostly by degreed suits, this globally-thinking man has successfully lived out the ‘High School Dropout Makes Success’ story. “But is achievement measured in one success or several?” one may be inclined to ask.

Does origin need to shape outcome? In Philip’s case his country of birth has had little bearing on his ultimate life or success. Born in New Zealand to an Irish mother and a British African father, he spent most of his formative years in Australia. While his school days were a disappointment by traditional measurements, Philip was determined that this lackluster period would not shape the rest of his life. Today, Philip’s unique story spans 30 years of enterprising adventure that he likes to describe as “Business Barbarianism.”

What is Business Barbarianism? Philip has six successful start-ups to his name and today has active business interests and experience with over fifty nations spanning every continent on earth. “In history a Barbarian pushes back the frontiers of the established, safe world around him and takes new land. The Business Barbarian is that rare individual who dreams a frontier idea and then transforms that idea into a successful enterprise,” encourages Philip when speaking with young, upcoming entrepreneurs. Readers of Philip’s popular weekly article sometimes describe him as having an unusual and unique global perspective, which Philip attributes to traveling and working internationally for two decades.

When asked to describe himself from the average high school dropout, he uses one word; Purpose. “To be successful in life and business we must become Purpose Driven People,” says Philip. “Discovering and defining our life purpose is a vitally important, individual and deeply personal journey that may take us many years, if not our entire lifetime,” he adds. In fact so important is this point that Philip sites the quantum difference between his second-rate school years and his later business successes as being the direct result of discovering and defining his Life Purpose. It is purpose that has underpinned every business start-up Philip has been involved in.

In the 1980s Philip undertook his first business venture when he established a film and video production and services company. “But real success is never individual, it’s always the result of synergistic team action,” comments Philip. This was proven while working with a committed team that built the company into the largest of its kind in South Australia. From its early days the company maintained an international and financial focus in its communications. In the 1990s Philip wrote and produced the feature documentary Millennium Money which won a first place Gold Award at the US International Film Festival. Millennium Money became a best-selling film and is attributed for changing the social, economic and monetary perspective of hundreds of thousands who have viewed it over the years.

It was in the early 1990s that Philip began to form an idea which in time would become his second start-up. Philip recalls, “I began to switch my attention to a somewhat different concern. This was an unusual trade, shrouded in mystery but steeped in thousands of years of history. It was a business that was unheard of by the average man on the street, misunderstood by my associates, mistrusted by lawyers, bankers and accountants, and to which entry was refused by its insiders and professionals. By the mid 90s it had become my full-time preoccupation and concern. Working with a close friend over the next few years, I focused my complete attention on mastering this puzzling industry and learning the secrets of its craft. I had commenced on a path that would take me on countless trips to every continent covering the four corners of the globe and would afford me the opportunity to meet with people from every walk of life, virtually every culture and religion. It brought me around the dinner table with those of limited means and thrust me into the boardrooms and offices of the rich and the mega-rich.”

Today the Anglo Far-East Bullion Company is uniquely positioned as the world’s leading private gold and silver custodial and banking company. The company bases its bullion operations from Zurich, Switzerland, and provides specialist bullion services to its institutional and high net worth clients around the world.

During this time Philip held the contrarian and even controversial view that energy, commodities and precious metals would increase dramatically in the years ahead. This position was vindicated in the early years of the new millennium with souring energy and commodity prices. In 2003 Philip, together with his business partner, established the Anglo Energy Company. As always, Philip associates the success of this company to its great team; “Not only did we enjoy excellent timing and some project success, but we also managed to have some fun along the way.” Anglo Energy Company owns and operates oil and gas assets onshore in the USA and has contributed to several exploration and oil development projects over the years. It is a substantial shareholder of Pryme Oil and Gas listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is the owner/operator of its Coal Bed Methane field in Oklahoma.

In August 2008 world energy and commodity prices plummeted. With oil prices falling 70%, major oil companies instantly knee-jerked, slashing their exploration budgets and shutting down their key exploration and development projects. It was in the midst of this environment that Philip’s Business Barbarianism spirit again surfaced. In September 2008 Anglo Securities Limited excitedly announced to the world it had signed an exclusive capital raise agreement with Palau Pacific Exploration to raise €30million for exploratory drilling in the company’s exploration concession off the north coast of the Republic of Palau in what Philip has described as “The Frontier Opportunity of the Decade.” When questioned about the difficult market environment and the ability to raise capital for energy exploration, Philip simply shrugged off the questions as short cited and pessimistic, preferring to return to the fundamentals. “In today’s world we discover just one barrel of oil for every eight we use consume, and we are fast running out of reserves. Palau offers the opportunity of a lifetime for the long-term thinking investor,” explains Philip. Potentially the largest oil field discovery of recent years, Philip likes to use the example of the funding and building of the Empire State Building whose construction started in 1930 at the worst of the Great Depression. ” While the rest of the world was gripped by fear and economic depression, the Empire State investment consortium was not driven by the economic environment around them but rather saw only the long-term potential for their project and the return on their investment,” explains Philip. “The building finished ahead of schedule, came in close to 55% below the original budget and has forever since proudly stood as a monument to the visionary, forward thinking of a select few purpose-driven individuals.”

In 2006 Philip began thinking on a new quest, and on 7th January 2008 - again the result of an incredibly committed and unified team - Joseph Wealth Systems launched to the world. What is recognized today by the global brand YOUnique™, Philip likes to call to mind the foundation on which the company was built. “YOUnique™ was birthed in an ambitious idea; to see hundreds of thousands of lives saved from economic famine by being restored to financial health and prosperity. To see lives where people have rebuilt their financial reserves, developed their minds and hearts, attained knowledge and wisdom; where they have built multiple streams of strong income, own tangible assets and most importantly have learned to dream again. And this wealth empowerment cannot just stop with individuals,” continues Philip. “It must be community. Wealthy individuals must replicate and teach those around them and in their communities to do the same; wealthy communities attract more wealth to them, and wealthy communities become healthier, safer and happier places to live. So it was from this ambitious idea that our purpose was born.” YOUnique™ can be described as the world’s leading gold distribution and wealth education company in the world operating with distributors and customers in over 41 countries.

Philip is driven by his passion for education and teaching. Following his heart over the last 15 years, he has addressed audiences totaling many tens of thousands of concerned individuals, most seeking answers to their financial plight. He has always been strongly focused on the resources and tangible assets 'products of the earth' sectors. He serves as a trustee, investment strategy advisor and researcher with numerous qualified sophisticated investors, family and corporate trusts, and private venture capitalists.

Today Philip resides in and works from his companies’ group head offices in Panamá City, Panamá, a country he likes to describe as the “Switzerland of the Americas”. He writes Stories from the Desk of a Bullion Banker.

In summary, Philip says, "The Business Barbarian is that rare individual who allows no place for mediocrity or fear. They are never constrained by their origin, culture, education or what others believe is possible. Rather, their lives become an adventure of pushing back the frontiers of the safe, established and ordinary; dreaming frontier ideas and transforming them into successful enterprises. Business Barbarianism is a trade mark of a true Purpose Driven Life.”

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